Tuesday, July 3, 2018

2018 and Blogging Again

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

It feels like only yesterday we celebrated New Year's Day. Looking at the calendar now could be quite surprising as we are already into the seventh month of 2018. What have I been doing for these past few months?

Looking back at my old post. The last one was from April 2015. That means I haven't written any blog post for 3 years plus. This was my pastime. I guess with no internet connection during the pre-u days and finally getting into uni, I had stopped typing my thoughts out.

I am currently in my semester break. With no responsibility towards any assignments and projects, I am determined to do something quite refreshing this time around. I decided to do something that my old self would do just to remind me of what it felt like back then during my carefree days. Heehe.

I've been reading guys! It's so relaxing when you can read for leisure instead of for class. So yeah, I've picked up some books from my 'Reading Lists' and I hope to finish a few of them during this hols!

Another habit I would like to get back into is of course, blogging. These days we have Instagram and Twitter. They are all so different now compared to when I was using them in 2015! As much as I enjoy using them, I still feel like using this space to type out lengthy post could make it so much memorable.

Not that I like to look back on my early blog posts and cringe, but you could actually see how much your thoughts and perspective have changed throughout the years. If any of you are somehow friends of mine and you find yourself reading this blog, HELLO and WELCOME. haha (but really this is embarrassing).

So yeah. That's all for now. I'll be back writing some more pieces soon. I also need to change a lot of stuff on this blog so we'll see how it goes.
thanks for reading

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