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One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert Film review

One direction is basically the biggest boyband on the planet right now and they just release their second movie after their 2013's This Is Us called the title its too long to be typed again hehe :) Im a huge fan (or should i say DIRECTIONER) so I've been waiting for this movie since forever. Since Malaysia never get any tour dates (not even the upcoming OTRA tour ) (cmon i cant go to singapore guys) , this is the closest thing to watching the 5 members of 1D live in concert. 

For those who dont know, this movie will be on cinemas for two days only..this weekend (11th and 12th October) so if you wanna watch it be quick! you will also get a free poster for each ticket you bought and also if you purchased 4 tickets, you will be receiving a button badge if im not mistaken. 

I talk type too much isnt? okay okay here we go.

1. The movie starts with a cute greeting from them and YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO NIALL DURING THIS CUZ ITS SO CHEEKY AND CUTE HEH. end caps lock.

2. Then it moves on to an interview where they just sit casually and answer questions. If you are that kind of fans who watched their other interviews or read their books before, there are some things you probably have heard of but there are also new and funny things like their proudest moments, family, the Queen, Dublin, AND Louis, Zayn and Liam talking about Liam's kidney. (if you aren't a fan at least shhhh during this time cuz some people want to listen to them talking , not you haha)

3. After that, comes the most exciting part where the concert starts. It made me (and all the other people there including the ones who just didn't pay attention during the interview) thrilled. A few cuts of footage (slow-mo) of fans and the boys walking legendarily into the stadium are accompanied by the music from the playback or clip (or whatever they called it) at the beginning of the concert. I LOVE IT. FULL REMIX PLEASE.

4. AND THEY SING. Their vocals are soooo soooo good live and their harmonies work so well. They arent just an enormously famous boyband. THEY ARE TALENTED. Niall is so passionate with the guitar too.. not to forget the guitar camera! (oops spoiler)

5. All of them go for a quick wee hahaha except for Liam. He just stands there at the stage alone and that spontaneity moment is so funny. Lou Teasdale makes an appearance here too! (i love herrrr)

6. A round of applause for the crew and the band. The camera/recording technique is so amazing like this is THE ONE COOL THING that gives us a unique experience while watching . The music is sooo good especially when its loud and mixing with the screaming fans, it give you chills and not to forget the stage and the stadium! its so huge like if you allowed yourself to be absorbed into the movie, you are going to be amazed by it! inspired by it! (you are like walking ON STAGE with the boys!)

7. The best thing about the movie is THE FANS. Its so amazing how a group of guys could unite such a gigantic amount of fans. i don't want to spoil anything but you should pay attention to the crowd while watching because there are a few surprises there. ITS A HUGE FAMILY. Don't be too quick to judge by some crying fans cuz there are more than that to it. You would be crying too if you just let yourself enjoy and position yourself in that situation. EVEN THE BOYS ALMOST CRY BECAUSE THOSE PARTS ARE JUST AMAZING. 1D cry. Fans cry. Lets all cry. Its not overrated if I say 1D has the most amazing fans ever.

8. Oh and you know what, people in the cinema stayed until the end of the credits! until there's nothing left and all the lights are on again haha. Not even a single person walked out! Guess we just can't get enough, ha?

I have so many other things to say but this post could be longer. Hehe. Go spend two hours of your weekend watching this movie. It's just a concert not a documentary or stuffs so it's very light to ease your mind. Go watch these boys perform at San Siro Stadium in Milan! Go watch them speak Italian! Go watch Louis! Go watch Zayn! Go watch Harry! Go watch Liam! Go watch Niall! Go! Go! Go!! INFO: x

Haha also, i wanna thank my Firdhaus and Jannah because they wanted to watch this movie with me or else i would be alone...I am the best sister ever mwahahaah. (I WANT THE DVD).
thanks for reading

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