Saturday, October 11, 2014

One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert Film review

One direction is basically the biggest boyband on the planet right now and they just release their second movie after their 2013's This Is Us called the title its too long to be typed again hehe :) Im a huge fan (or should i say DIRECTIONER) so I've been waiting for this movie since forever. Since Malaysia never get any tour dates (not even the upcoming OTRA tour ) (cmon i cant go to singapore guys) , this is the closest thing to watching the 5 members of 1D live in concert. 

For those who dont know, this movie will be on cinemas for two days only..this weekend (11th and 12th October) so if you wanna watch it be quick! you will also get a free poster for each ticket you bought and also if you purchased 4 tickets, you will be receiving a button badge if im not mistaken. 

I talk type too much isnt? okay okay here we go.

1. The movie starts with a cute greeting from them and YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO NIALL DURING THIS CUZ ITS SO CHEEKY AND CUTE HEH. end caps lock.

2. Then it moves on to an interview where they just sit casually and answer questions. If you are that kind of fans who watched their other interviews or read their books before, there are some things you probably have heard of but there are also new and funny things like their proudest moments, family, the Queen, Dublin, AND Louis, Zayn and Liam talking about Liam's kidney. (if you aren't a fan at least shhhh during this time cuz some people want to listen to them talking , not you haha)

3. After that, comes the most exciting part where the concert starts. It made me (and all the other people there including the ones who just didn't pay attention during the interview) thrilled. A few cuts of footage (slow-mo) of fans and the boys walking legendarily into the stadium are accompanied by the music from the playback or clip (or whatever they called it) at the beginning of the concert. I LOVE IT. FULL REMIX PLEASE.

4. AND THEY SING. Their vocals are soooo soooo good live and their harmonies work so well. They arent just an enormously famous boyband. THEY ARE TALENTED. Niall is so passionate with the guitar too.. not to forget the guitar camera! (oops spoiler)

5. All of them go for a quick wee hahaha except for Liam. He just stands there at the stage alone and that spontaneity moment is so funny. Lou Teasdale makes an appearance here too! (i love herrrr)

6. A round of applause for the crew and the band. The camera/recording technique is so amazing like this is THE ONE COOL THING that gives us a unique experience while watching . The music is sooo good especially when its loud and mixing with the screaming fans, it give you chills and not to forget the stage and the stadium! its so huge like if you allowed yourself to be absorbed into the movie, you are going to be amazed by it! inspired by it! (you are like walking ON STAGE with the boys!)

7. The best thing about the movie is THE FANS. Its so amazing how a group of guys could unite such a gigantic amount of fans. i don't want to spoil anything but you should pay attention to the crowd while watching because there are a few surprises there. ITS A HUGE FAMILY. Don't be too quick to judge by some crying fans cuz there are more than that to it. You would be crying too if you just let yourself enjoy and position yourself in that situation. EVEN THE BOYS ALMOST CRY BECAUSE THOSE PARTS ARE JUST AMAZING. 1D cry. Fans cry. Lets all cry. Its not overrated if I say 1D has the most amazing fans ever.

8. Oh and you know what, people in the cinema stayed until the end of the credits! until there's nothing left and all the lights are on again haha. Not even a single person walked out! Guess we just can't get enough, ha?

I have so many other things to say but this post could be longer. Hehe. Go spend two hours of your weekend watching this movie. It's just a concert not a documentary or stuffs so it's very light to ease your mind. Go watch these boys perform at San Siro Stadium in Milan! Go watch them speak Italian! Go watch Louis! Go watch Zayn! Go watch Harry! Go watch Liam! Go watch Niall! Go! Go! Go!! INFO: x

Haha also, i wanna thank my Firdhaus and Jannah because they wanted to watch this movie with me or else i would be alone...I am the best sister ever mwahahaah. (I WANT THE DVD).
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Saturday, August 23, 2014



Rasanya semua rakyat Malaysia tahu bahawa semalam merupakan hari negara kita berkabung secara rasmi dalam mengenang tragedi MH17. Semua kot stesen TV/radio siarkan pasal ni.

Mungkin takde sorang pon saudara-mara kita yang terlibat
Mungkin takde sorang pon yang kita semua kenal
Tapi, hati manusia.. bila sesuatu buruk berlaku yang tak pernah terjadi sebelum ni, bila semua orang disekeliling kita cakap pasal benda ni..siapa yang tak terusik kan.

The least yang semua orang boleh buat, sekedahkan Al-fatihah dan doa..

Alhamdulillah, sekurang-kurangnya keluarga mangsa ada jawapan dan InsyaAllah, suatu hari nanti mangsa-mangsa ni dapat dibela dengan adilnya. :')

senyap lebih baik daripada cakap perkara yang boleh mengguris hati betul tak?

original videos: x x

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sejak Bila

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Masa Lapang: Buatlah Art Journal


korang pernah tak rasa bosan dalam kelas lepas tu tiba2 mula buat doodle ataupun conteng2 buku korang.. atau duduk kat rumah / dalam bilik dah penat main internet je tapi tak tau nak buat ape selain tu?


Art Journal ni merupakan sebuah buku khas yang korang boleh pilih untuk conteng/tulis apa sahaja. Lukisan, lirik lagu, keratan surat khabar/majalah, quotes, luahan perasaan atau apa sahaja benda lain yang korang nak tulis.
Boleh diibaratkan sebagai diari tapi bukan diari ! khas untuk kegunaan korang sahaja, orang lain tak boleh tengok.

art journal = combination of arts and words to express yourself

Bahan-bahan (wahh macam nak bagi resipi masakan) :

  • buku tulis kosong / buku nota / sketchbook ( ikut cita rasa & pilih saiz yang korang suka)
  • alatan menulis / melukis

Korang tulis lah apa sahaja dalam buku tu , jangan malu2 , jangan takut ayat nampak cheesy ke.. takut lukisan tak cantik ke.. buang semua fikiran tu jauh2.

Contoh-contoh Art Journal :
..✿ beautiful thingsS ✿.. / Colorful Brain
NYC, Babe.
TumblrH O P E.

Idea untuk memulakan art journal ( prompts ) :
  • isikan mukasurat yang kosong dengan bentuk segitiga/segiempat/bulatan sampai penuh dan warnakan
  • tuliskan kata2 hikmah yang korang percaya/pegang dan hiaskan dengan bentuk2 yang korang suka
  • catat 10 perkara yang korang harap korang dapat sebelum mati dan lukiskan
  • MY FAV = pilih satu perkataan dan tulis berulang-ulang kali sampai penuh satu mukasurat mengikut kreativiti (macam dalam gambar last : "hope" kat atas tu)

okay tu je ! kalau korang dah pandai buat cantik2 tak malu nak tunjuk kat orang lain boleh ambik gambar journal korang lepastu post kat internet. Selamat mencuba ! :)

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Hilang motivasi dan malas


Tidur, makan, tidur, makan
sambung pulak dengan online, tengok tv, online, tengok tv...
18 GIFs That Are Lazier Than You

Tu je la kerja. Takde nya nak buat benda lain.
haha... pernah macam ni?
ada kerja tapi tak nak buat?
kena study tapi takda motivasi?
nak badan sihat tapi taknak bersenam? teruk kan...

semuanya datang daripada mindset kita , badan and semangat
kita yang kawal..bukan orang lain

so untuk rujukan maisara sendiri, maisara dah senaraikan benda2 yang perlu dibuat untuk buang rasa "tak semangat" tu

  1. Dapatkan tidur yang cukup
  2. Segarkan badan setiap kali letih, mengantuk ( basuh muka/mandi )
  3. Makan makanan yang sihat
  4. Fikir positif
  5. Setkan gol apa yang kita nak capai
  6. JANGAN TANGGUHKAN KERJA ( teruk kalau terbiasa )
  7. Jadikan semua di atas sebagai rutin harian (ulang ulang ulang)

Okay tu je. Ada yang nak tambah?
hee Bye :) :)

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Friday, May 16, 2014

a change won't hurt

a few days back, i sat alone and suddenly it hit me that i still havent accomplished anything huge in my life and thats sad. its true though. i always stay in my comfort zone without realising that the time is passing by. i never imagine what it is like to grow up, to have your own path and to make decisions for myself all on my own.

Ive seen other girl my age living their dreams happily but im right here, too scared over trying new things in life. I get nervous easily and when i do, sometimes my hands get cold and freezing. haha its embarrassing. for example, i get nervous when i need to talk to people, i get nervous when i need to do something in front of the whole crowd , i even get nervous when i need to stop by a shop to buy something. i would think that the cashier would want to attack me or something. its crazy.

My anxiety is not healthy. i know i need to overcome it as soon as i can but i dont know how. i feel like im not doing good enough and i dont fulfill those expectations of people that they have on me.

Im typing this entry while listening to Lorde's Pure Heroine songs..i do think they fit perfectly at times. her songs are like my life soundtrack. if you've never listened to them, give it a try.

Back to the topic, i want to change. i dont want my life to be upside down but at the same time i am glad its not as perfect as i wish it would be. it gets challenging and i think i like it. i feel so happy when i manage to get through those bad days and things that come without me expecting them. I want to have a positive mind from now on and never let those fears get to me. i should know by now that im not weak. People who are willing to change are the strong ones, right? 

No more being nervous, im just gonna go for everything that i want in life.

p/s: im making progress wohoooo
p/s/s: i dont know why im typing this post in english
p/s/s/s: click my nuffnang ads so i could cash out haha i love youuu :P

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Taylor Swift: RED TOUR Live in Malaysia 2014

yes!! you read it guys.. taylor swift is coming here for the first time ever. dulu dia datang asia tak singgah malaysia pon hahaha and now malaysians boleh tengok sendiri taylor perform depan mata... awesome!!!!

oh untuk korang yang tak tau, tiket untuk concert taylor swift kat malaysia tu dah habis sejak hari pertama lagi.. tapi tapi tapi, korang boleh dapat tiket free dengan join giveaway ni. senang je kan.. tapi kalau boleh yang join biarlaah dengan niat nak tengok taylor perform bukan sebab nak jual balik tiket tu dengan harga lebih mahal. tak baik tau..

untung sangat kalau dapat tengok konsert nie, taylor swift ni seorang performer muda yang buat show paling best setakat nie. kalau korang nak tau, daripada awal konsert dia sampai laa lagu last persembahan dia, ada jalan cerita dan buat kita tertarik nak tengok daripada awal sampai akhir.. tak percaya boleh google review red tour taylor swift...kebanyakannya positive! ataupun try tengok fan videos kat youtube.

taylor swift juga merupakan seseorang yang sangat berbakat dalam penulisan lagu..taylor buktikan yang dia boleh jadi relevan hanya dengan luahan perasaan dia dalam penulisan..

Cara nak menang senang aje, klik link ni (x) , baca arahan dia dan ikut. senang je kan. kalau ada rezeki dapatlah satu tiket bahagian RED zone. how cool!!

tarikh tutup: 11:59pm , 7th May 2014

concert details: Stadium Putra , Bukit Jalil , 11th June 2014

pemenang akan diumumkan pada 12th May 2014 pukul 5 petang.. good luck!!!

p/s: suka warna merah ..hee

update: I was lucky enough to get a ticket and see her live. Totally wonderstruck.

hashtag : how to win taylor swift live in malaysia tickets contest giveaway price asia tour 8share malaysia

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

baru dan lama


Maisara dah lama tak update blog betul-betul. Beberapa entry yang lepas maisara main taip je, asalkan ada post something jadilah. Maisara dah guna blog nie daripada 2010 lagi. Maknanya sejak umur maisara 14. Bila tengok balik entry2 yang lepas, haha rasa macam nak gali lubang lepastu tanam diri sendiri sebab malu.

Bila fikir balik, sebenarnya kita tak perlu rasa malu dengan diri kita sendiri. Betul tak? Apa yang kita buat dan lalui dulu dah jadi sebahagian daripada pengalaman hidup. Nak tak nak kena laa bawak sekali peristiwa yang dah lepas dalam hidup kita. Dah jadi macam bayang2 sampai laa sekarang.

This is truth

Maisara asyik merepek tulis entry panjang2 nie haha akan datang bila maisara tengok balik mungkin maisara akan kerut2 dahi and gelakkan diri sendiri pulak. Tapi sekurang-kurangnya kita boleh flashback and tengok balik apa yang kita tengah pikir waktu tu dulu. Mungkin akan datang maisara dapat tulis sesuatu yang lebih matang berbanding entry2 sekarang yang agak............................. haha (sila isi tempat kosong).

Tahun nie 2014. Maisara takdelaa percaya "nombor-nombor" nie tapi sejujurnya maisara suka sangat nombor 14. Hee.. InsyaaAllah tahun nie akan menjadi tahun yang lebih baik daripada tahun sebelum2nya.. Doakan saya.


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Saturday, March 22, 2014




siapa ada link untuk download photoshop yang boleh guna ?
 CS5 atau CS6 please . please . please ....

siapa bagi maisara photoshop dia dapat pahala haha

Thanks :)

update: takpela , sara dah dapat dah photoshop tu heeee

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