Monday, August 23, 2010

lyn lagu nie.."nk keyakinan"

(pause dlu lagu blog nie yg kt tepi uwh)
(bwu tekan play kt at matahari ats nie..hoho)


i'm losing myself
trying to compete
with everyone else
instead of just being me
i don't know where to turn
i've been stuck in this routine
i need to change my ways
instead of always being weak

i don't wanna be afraid
i wanna wake up feeling beautiful
and know that i'm okay
cause everyone's perfect in their usual ways
you see
i just wanna believe in me

the mirror can lie
doesn't show you what's inside
and it, it can tell you your full of life
it's amazing but you can hide
just by putting on a smile

i'm quickly finding out
i'm not about to break down..
not today
i guess i always knew
that i had all the strength
to make it through

thanks for reading

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