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hi guys . i have decided to create a page to pile up all the websites and blogs i find useful for school. it ranges from those subjects in school to motivation to keep your head up high. Here you go. Please do not copy this entry and post it back on your blog but you are more than welcome to share the link and bookmark this page. :)

Bahasa Melayu
Bahasa Inggeris
Pendidikan Islam
Tasawwur Islam
Past papers
Other useful sites
Inspiring and Educational Tumblr
Sounds for your study session
  • Unique Noise Generator (x) - (its super duper AWESOME)
  • 8tracks (x) - (you shouldn't listen to familiar songs while studying because you'll end up singing along to the songs so discover new music here)

this page will be updated later. so if you have any suggestions please share them with me in the comments box below. lets be friends!! :)

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thanks for reading


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