Monday, June 20, 2011

this is sooo not post-worthy

3YearsCampRock . CR never gets old,its an important piece of memory to our childhood.
I watched camp rock because of the  but thanks to them and that movie I met  I'm so thankful!

You don't even know how much i appreciated that Demi played the role Mitchie. thank you disney.
its something u will never laugh at me..bitches

2008 vs 2010

this song is my life.or what I want my life to be rather..It may be a disney song,but its one of my favourites ever

- june 20 , 2008 -

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asfz lily said...

love them..suka mamat y rmbut kerinting tu..xtaw nama dye suweeet :)

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Liyana Zahim said...

Dorg ni tak g skolah.. Dorg educated by their own mom.. Hahaha.. Somel kan? Ase nk dush2 mreke sbb mreka somel..

maisara majid said...

@asfz lily dye nick laa.. :) ha'ah..sweet aje kan

maisara majid said...

@Liyana Zahim yelaa..dah terlebih kaya., dorang homeschool :) hehe..yeah..jom dush2 dorang

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